papercake asked:

Hi Noelle! I was looking at (ie. admiring) the post where you showed us some of your old art school assignments. I hope this doesn't come across as rude in any way, but I was honestly wondering (and you don't need to be modest) if you are considered really, really good amongst your fellow students? I am applying for art and I don't think I would be able to do anything like what you've drawn. I know artists shouldn't compare, and that all schools are different, but I was just wondering :) Thanks!

gingerhaze answered:

This isn’t a question I can answer, exactly, and it’s not because of modesty - when people say “you shouldn’t compare,” it’s not to spare anyone’s feelings, but because it’s usually not even relevant and definitely never productive. 

1. the quality of art is largely subjective

2. people’s strengths lie in different areas

so it’s possible for two people to work very hard, develop crazy skills, but have two very different styles that serve different purposes - so one person, who might like slick digital art, will prefer one style, and another person who likes soft watercolor drawings will prefer the other.

But also - I graduated school with some mad talented people, yo.

For comparison, here are some of my friends who graduated the same year as me:


Aimee Fleck


Noni Boynton


Beth Pecora


Karli Wade


Christina Dacanay

Katharine Linnea


Liz Parlett


Kayla Wasil


Bridget Gibson


Kelsey Sunday

These are the people that I interacted the most closely with during school - the people I hung out with the most and shared the most influences with. These people’s talent showed me up on a weekly basis and pushed me to be better. We all learned from each other and grew as artists simultaneously - you can probably see us all sharing similar techniques and inspirations.

But also all these pieces were taken from our SENIOR year, so we’d been training for FOUR YEARS at this. I wanted to find some of my high school portfolio to show you what it looked like, but as soon as I pulled it up I cringed so hard at it that I can’t even bring myself to post it. Suffice it to say, even though I’d been drawing since I was a toddler, my anatomy was atrocious, my subject matter clichéd, and my use of materials was a wreck. I didn’t know how to use Photoshop at all, and it wasn’t until sophomore year that I became fairly proficient at it. 

Basically, my advice would be - don’t worry too much, right now. Just accept that you have a lot to learn, but that you can do it. At art school you’re going to be surrounded by people with crazy talent and they’ll make you feel like shit sometimes, but that should just motivate you - in fact that’s one of the things I miss most about art school. Nothing kicks you in the butt harder than seeing others growing as artists all around you, and striving to be a worthy peer of them.


Rebloggable version of SAI Brush + BG Textures


(how do you even spell that what even-)

Joker-ace asked for a rebloggable version of the textures and brushes i use! This way feel free to reblog it so you don’t lose it in your favorites! :0

Brush Textures :

Background Textures :

Most of them come with instructions on how to add them into your SAI if you already don’t know how! 38)


Enjoy dudes! :-)