i’m never going to stop being pissed about flynn rider’s design change because his sense of appeal is incredibly one dimensional in his new design. he was basically made to appeal to a general sense of what women supposedly find attractive sooo he was modelled after johnny depp in the end instead of the very atypical disney prince shown here

originally flynn and rapunzel’s story arc was about her learning to lose a sense of distrust towards men, especially men that look intimidating, and to gain a sense of trust towards the soft hearted “bastion” as he was previously named which i think would’ve been a lot more interesting design and story wise

it’s just really shitty and boring that tangled’s prince went through a series of designs where he was fat or a person of color or both and eventually what disney decided to go with was a prince that was “innovative” because of his roguish actions, not the way he looked

like come the fuck on.. even something closer to the last piece where his face is a little more rounded and he’s got a broken nose and just looks.. softer and goofier and more in the vein of rapunzel’s rounded design would have been more interesting

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